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Always Moving You Forward
We Operate Exclusively Within Canada
We Get it Right on Time


CPTEX makes Transportation a Flexible and Comfortable experience without having to stress over time limits!


CPTEx understands how busy you can be. Sometimes it is hard to pack and transport everything in one day straight. That’s why CPTEx wants to help valued customers make the transportation easy and efficient. CPTEx eliminates having to make extra trips that are not necessary because you could not fill up the truck on time. That’s why CPTEx allows clients to store items in their trucks for as long as the client wants to state on the contract.

Clients are allowed to return to their designated truck whenever they need to, to add more items that they want to later transport. Each client will have a truck contracted to their name, so no one else’s items can be stored with theirs. CPTEx values item care and privacy – that is why they keep their trucks in a secure and cared-for place and ensure that nobody else has contact with their goods.



CPTEx Provides Safe and Effective Transport of All Goods


CPTEx offers a wide range of services – all catered to meet our clients’ needs. CPTEX services commercial and industrial businesses. We transport everything from raw material to food to end product luxury items.

CPTEx provides country wide services with a heavy emphasis on major Canadian market points including southern Ontario, Quebec, and Western Canada. The team at CPTEx also have in depth knowledge of regional parts in Canada. CPTEx will drive your products from one coast of the country to another. Whether your products require one truck load or multiple, CPTEx has a large fleet of trucks available for your services. CPTEx also provides expediated options, online tracking, and the capacity to transport dangerous goods. CPTEx’s cost effective options were created to maximize your supply chain and provide you with the most bang for your buck.



Our team of reliable and experienced drivers are ready to take on difficult trips and tough roads.


CPTEx excellent service has helped us establish working relationships with major corporations like Canada Post, Amazon, and UPS. CPTEx understands the value of delivering products on a timely manner. This is why CPTEx team of well qualified drivers take the extra mile to deliver your products on time – every time! Everyone at CPTEx work to ensure contingency plans are in place. These contingency plans help ensure CPTEx provides its clients with a peace of mind and the knowledge that their products will always reach the desired destination.

Our team of reliable and experience drivers are ready to take on difficult trips and tough roads. At CPTEX, we’re always moving you forward!


About Us

We know how large and treacherous Canada’s roads can be!


If you’re looking to move your product around the country, that’s what we’re here for!

Canadian Pacific Transit Express, or as we like to call it – CPTEx, is a proud Canadian owned and operated trucking company. We operate exclusively within Canada and transport everything to meet our customers’ needs.

CPTEx works to provide unique solutions to each of our clients. We have developed several trucking options to meet your needs. Whether you’re a new start up or a large multinational, our vast array of services can be curated to meet your needs. Our customized options have made us a favorite and a trusted partner for our clients.


About Us

At CPTEx we deliver excellent customer service, integrity, and honesty.


This is how we bring top of the line quality to you. Our mission, anchored by our excellent service and knowledge, is to become a leading trucking corporation in Canada. We are driven to get you closer to your goal. Our comprehensive service takes your mind off shipping products from across the country. We’re here to keep you moving forward!

We know how large and treacherous Canada’s roads can be! This is why we carry an experienced cast of drivers on our team. Our drivers will navigate the country’s roads so you don’t have to.

CPTEx aims to grow as one of the largest and trusted in the country. We believe our dedication to our craft, our passion for customer satisfaction, and our knowledge in the area will take us there. So don’t stand still! Contact CPTEx



CPTEx works with a wide range of clients including retailers and manufacturers.


CPTEx rapid growth in the industry is a direct reflection of its passionate customer service, ability to adapt to new market needs, and providing our clients with cost-effective and competitive advantage.

CPTEx works with a wide range of clients including retailers and manufacturers. If your company needs goods to be transported, CPTEx can do it! We service anyone in need of transport needs with a team of professional and highly competent staff.




Without the patronage of our loyal clients, CPTEx would not be where it is today!

CPTEx understands the importance of consumer protection and privacy. We respect the nature of our clients’ businesses and treat sensitive information with care.

CPTEx also provides real time tracking to all our clients. Our central support team, where our dispatch team is situated, is here to provide you with the latest information regarding the location of your goods.

CPTEx To those of you who have chosen CPTEx as your transport needs, we thank you! Without the patronage of our loyal clients, CPTEx would not be where it is today. CPTEx’s team of drivers and staff greatly appreciate your business. You drive us and together we’re always moving you forward.



Are you interested in working for a rapidly growing trucking company?


What it takes to bring customers’ needs across the country? Can you conquer the tricky Canadian roads? If you answered yes, then CPTEx would love to hear from you!

At CPTEx, we know customer satisfaction and long term growth is impossible without a collaborative team effort. This is why we’re always recruiting. CPTEx values hard work, dedication, and determination. These are qualities we have on our team and qualities we look for potential recruits.

CPTEx as always loved the diversity of Canada. The diversity in Canada’s population is what CPTEx aims to achieve in its hiring practices. We welcome everyone from all walks of life. At CPTEx, we believe your unique experiences and knowledge will make you a strong member of our team. In making diversity a focal point in our recruiting process, we aim to establish a team that is rich in experience, knowledge, world views, and one that is truly reflective of the diversity found in Canada.



Join CPTEx’S Growing team of master drivers and help us move our clients forward!


CPTEx considers workers’ safety paramount to success. All members of our team will be trained in safety protocols to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. A safe environment is key in ensuring that our team members can do their work confidently and with a smile.

CPTEx current team consist of reliable and skilled drivers who exemplify excellent customer service, dedication, and honesty. If you think you’ll be a perfect fit on our team, we would love to hear from you.

Please submit the form and have all the following required documents when were called for interview.


  • At least 3 years A Z driving experience
  • Clean CVOR and drivers abstract
  • Recent Criminal Record Check
  • Over 25 years old (Letter)

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Are you in search of transporting your goods from one part of the country to another?


Do you want your goods in the hands of experienced and proven drivers? Do you want top of the line service at a cost that won’t break your bank?

Contact CPTEX for reliable, proven, and cost effective trucking services. We look forward to hearing from you!


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